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Journal Papers
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Prediction of deformation behavior of interlock knitted fabrics in different directions using FEM Spring 2017
Prediction and Optimization of Yarn Path in Braiding of Mandrels with Flat Faces Summer 2017
Geometrical Modeling the Bi-axial Weft Knitted Fabrics Based on Rib Structure Summer 2017
Prediction of elastic behavior of plain weft-knitted composites Summer 2016
Improving the Prediction of Part Thickness in Superplastic Forming Process of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Using an Appropriate Constitutive Equation March 2016
The sources of the micro stress and strain inhomogeneity in dual phase steels Summer 2016
Improvement of Product Thickness Distribution in Gas Pressure Forming of a Hemispherical Part September 2016
Effects of inhomogeneous mechanical properties of the ferrite phase in dual phase steel’s behavior Summer 2016
Finite element modeling of damage evolution in cold pilgering process October 2016
Simulation of the Spherical Deformation of Biaxial Weft-Knitted Fabrics Using Meso and Macro Models Fall 2016
Numerical Simulating the Tensile Behavior of 1×1 Rib Knitted Fabrics Using a Novel Geometrical Model April 2016
Damage growth prediction in seamless tube manufacturing by cold three-roller tube rolling process April 2015
Dimensional Analysis of Semi-spherical Structure Forming for Ti-6Al-4V Alloy to Hydrostatic-Superplastic Method August 2015
Analysis of the mechanical response of a woven polymeric fabric with locally induced damage April 2014
Effects of Unbalance Force on Product Thickness Accuracy in Multi-Rolls Rotary-forming June 2014
Simulation of hot forming processes, using cost effective micro-structural constitutive Models August 2014
A micro-structural model for prediction of void initiation in superplastic forming of AA5083 aluminum alloy March 2013
Effects of pre-form thickness variations on product thickness accuracy in multi-rolls rotary-forming April 2013
Effect of mandrel, its clearance and pressure die on tube bending process via rotary draw bending method February 2013
A new approach for determining the optimum pressure–time diagram in superplastic forming process February 2013
A micro-structural constitutive model for superplastic forming May 2012
Effect of strain rate and grain size on behavior of nanocrystalline materials February 2012
Effect of hydrostatic pressure on nano crystalline materials behavior November 2012
Effects of Unbalance Force on Product Thickness Accuracy in Multi-Rolls Rotary-forming July 2012
Simulation of super-plastic forming based on a micro-structural constitutive model and considering grain growth June 2011
Simulation of hot sheet metal forming processes based on a micro-structural constitutive model June 2011
Conference Papers
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Prediction of void initiation in superplastic forming of AA5083 based on micro-mechanisms October 2012
Tension compression asymmetry in nano crystalline materials September 2012
Strain rate and grain size dependency of nano-crystalline materials behavior September 2012
Spindle design in a multi-rolls rotary-forming machine March 2009
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A mechanism for clamp die movement in rotary draw bending machine March 2010

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